Maine Sock Bundles

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Calling all sock enthusiasts! 

Do you love knitting socks. Do you love the warmth of real wool on your feet? Do you love fiber grown, organically washed and mule spun in Maine? These bundles are for you! 

Combine our full 210 yd. 2 ply worsted weight custom spun natural blend with a half skein, approx. 95 yds. of custom spun natural blend, over dyed with a contrasting, no nonsense color. Choose from Maine Barn Red or Tamarack Gold.

No speckles, no fluff, no superwashed, chemically treated merino that will only last you one season. These are true grit, Maine produced yarns, made to last. It’s all we do. 

Limited availability so grab ‘em quick! These bundles will take you straight through the spring planting season to keep your feet warm and dry in your boots while you’re mucking through our 5th season in Maine, mud season. Great for cool Maine nights by the campfire!

Each bundle will produce 2 pair of socks! Also great for gloves or any other project needing a smaller amount of accent color.