Inspiration for my Farm Collection comes from living by the sea on my Maine coast farm, on the St. George peninsula in midcoast Maine.

I offer hand made soaps full of fresh milk from the Saanen herd. Favorites include Maine Woods, Lavender Honeycomb Bars & Drift Inn Beach Bars. Soaps are made with other natural ingredients like olive & coconut oils and are full of farm grown lavender buds, natural Balsam and seaweed, collected on the beach just below the farm.

The Bittersweet flock is lovingly pastured on acres of land overlooking the Maine coastline. Twice a year, their coats are hand sheared. Custom washing and spinning at Maine’s own historic Bartlett Mills, using 200 year old spinning techniques makes each years spinning special. 

Yarns and roving are hand dyed here in small batches on the farm with natural plant and custom color dyes, all from Maine. 

I hope you enjoy visiting the farm site and stop by the seasonal farm stand when visiting the area. Also, check the Retail Site page for shops carrying My Maine Farm Girl products.