Bittersweet Heritage Farm is located 1 mile before the village of Port Clyde in St. George, Maine. 

Port Clyde is home to the Monhegan Ferry and the village is a bustling seasonal spot. The Farm Stand is open daily in season, closing Columbus Day weekend 2021. 

Bittersweet is a Maine State Certified Dairy. Other than the Farm Stand, the farm is not open to the public. Barn buildings are closed for health and safety reasons. Animals including the herd of Saanen goats, Romney and Shropshire sheep, Royal Palm Turkeys, ducks, chickens roam freely in the pastures and can be viewed from the Farm Stand. Electric fences surround the pasture to keep the animals safe from predators. 

Please respect the grounds as private, keep children out of gardens, away from electric fencing and do not allow them to wander or throw things at the animals or into the pastures as this can result in injury or death of animals through ingestion of foreign objects. 

Farm Stand is always self serve and Paypal friendly, accepting most credit cards without having to have a Paypal account.

Open seasonally May thru October