Abigail & lamb John Quincy

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In 2020 I rescued a Shropshire ewe who was on her way to the butcher. On February 23, 2021, she unexpectedly gave birth to twin lambs. While the second one was not born alive, the first one arrived and was immediately adored by his Mother, Abigail. I named this girl Abigail as she is one of the endangered breeds who were formerly pastured on the White House lawn. I thought she deserved a distinguished name. And since she was to be Abigail, her lamb became John Quincy. They are still as bonded today as the day he was born and his brother is buried in the pasture where Abigail and John Quincy graze daily. 
Soft sculpted with Abigail’s fiber and trimmed with John Quincy’s curls. Abigail is 9 inches long. Her legs are fashioned from Christmas tree branches, donated each year by neighbors and friends after the holiday, for the animals to graze on through the winter. John Quincy is 3 inches long.