My Maine Farm Girl


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Named for our best farm dogs, Finney and Leo!

Specially formulated shampoo bars for your pup. Contain cedar and lemon oils to help repel fleas and ticks and promote healthier skin. Each chunky, hand made bar comes with it’s own, made in the US., cedar wood plank for storage. Leaves your dog’s coat, nourished, shiny and squeaky clean. 

Never fumble with another bottle of shampoo while trying to hold on to your wiggly, soapy pup again! 

All bars are hand cut so no two alike.

Official review of the Finn Bar from Finn’s 12 year old Grandma Elizabeth:

The experience was delightful from the start. Packaging was delightful and inviting, full of anticipation of an excellent experience to come. It was easy to apply and easily rinsed, creating a total ease of bath time. The fragrance was peaceful and calming creating a sense of Zen and clean. The hair was left clean, yet not stripped of it's natural oils. A beautiful shine and delightful scent abounds! Happiness to pet and owner. You will not be disappointed! 

This gets the stamp of approval                

from Grandma Elizabeth!